What W Do

R3 is a Technology Consultancy delivering certainty to complex business environments.

R3 is a Technology Consultancy specialising in Programme Delivery and Infrastructure Change. We provide direct delivery teams, independent assurance and oversight or key skills and experience for clients embarking on complex technology changes.


Full Infrastructure lifecycle planning with deep experience of design methodologies and implementation standards.

Programme and
Project Management

Leading capability supporting initiation with sponsors through to successful programme delivery sign off.


Executing on ITIL Standards or Service Management skills to improve Process and Performance. Talk to R3.


Hybridisation, On-Prem or full adoption? Let R3 guide your business and deliver the benefits while reducing risk.

Infrastructure Transformation

The main driver for technological transformation is always the end user. People want to use digital services – they provide flexibility, autonomy, and efficiency, Another driver is the need to cut costs with automation, self-service, and virtualisation.

All but the youngest startups have difficulty incorporating the latest technology into their business in a truly transformative way. Investing in cloud solutions or agile processes has enabled most organisations to drive value, but maintaining a legacy of applications, increasing technology debt and controls no longer in keeping with the business objective can often hinder this. R3 has proven experience and capability that can help organisation leverage their current investment and support your organisations transition to new digital platforms.

Programme & Project Management

R3’s project and execution approach is built on industry standards and the latest technology transformation developments, underpinned by our core values. Executing change in a controlled manner, we are sensitive to your business objectives while driving through change that sticks. The R3 way takes a holistic approach to programme delivery and project management, whether that is in the form of a large transformation programme or the roll out of an application upgrade. We care about delivering the full spectrum of change and delivering on your business objectives.

Backed by years of experience R3 has delivered new infrastructure platforms for energy clients, asset divestments, application upgrade and rollouts or point in time SME support and assurance. Talk to R3 about how our capability can deliver your change.

Technology Management

Expectations of all technology customers has increased over the last decade due to its prominent position in business transformation. Increased funding and representation at board level have brought technology to the forefront of business decision making, resulting in increased focus on efficiency, value and strategic goals. R3 can support your business in three key areas:

• Service model reviews and improvements
• Technology cost optimisation & cost reduction
• Strategy development & roadmap reviews

R3 has helped support and deliver tangible financial benefits across the Oil and Gas, Finance and Retail industries. Talk to R3 about how we can support your business objectives.

Cloud Adoption

Truly benefiting from the cloud journey can be an easily missed opportunity to transform by any organisation taking the step to move away from capital intensive traditional options. With the range of cloud solutions now on offer, a one size fits all approach is not needed. R3’s business led approach is based on the Microsoft standard cloud engagement framework, identifying the right blend of cloud strategies for your business. The Microsoft’s cloud adoption framework is regarded as an industry standard and plays a pivotal role in most migration strategies.

R3 has an ambitious growth strategy through the 2nd half of 2018 to 2021 due to continued support from strategic partners and new clients. We are staffed by a blend of employees and associates offering a flexible delivery and resourcing method for clients. All of our staff or associates are highly experienced giving assurance and confidence in delivery.